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3 Bird haggis

Chicken Rolled 3 Bird Haggis

Chicken rolled in a 3 bird haggis with a porcini mushroom pithiver, parsnip puree, baby veg & a spiced jus.

3 Bird haggis

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  • Pluck of duck, pigeon & chicken x 500g – minced coarsely
  • Minced shallots x 75g
  • Black barley x 100g
  • Ground nutmeg x ½ a teaspoon
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • Salt & white pepper
  • Duck fat x 50g
  • Chicken stock x 300ml
  • Grated beef suet x 100g
  • Chicken breast – slightly pounded with a meat basher
  • Slices of thin pancetta x 8
  • Parsnips x 3
  • Chicken stock x 2 litres
  • Orange juice x 500ml
  • Cinnamon quill x 1
  • Star anise x 5 whole
  • ABC kecap manis soy sauce x a splash
  • Butter x 10g
  • Salt & pepper



Sweat the shallots off in the duck fat on a medium heat


Mix all the ingredients together and place into a large cry vac bag, add the stock then seal on the cry vac machine, so the mix lies flat inside the bag. Cook in a pot of simmering water for one hour. Leave to cool completely.




To make the chicken ballontine, lay out a sheet of tin foil, then in a row lay out the pancetta. Place the pounded chicken on top, form a log shape with your haggis mix. Then tightly roll the whole thing into a log shape, using the tin foil as your guide. Double foil your log and leave to rest/set in the cool room.


To make the jus: bring the chicken stock to the boil with the orange juice, star anise and cinnamon, add a splash of ABC soy sauce and reduce by ¾. Season.


To make the parsnip puree: peel and core the parsnips, place into a pot just covered with milk and cook until just tender. Drain very well and make sure they are fairly dry, then pass them through a drum sieve. Return parsnip mash onto a low heat in a suitable pot with the butter and stir until butter is incorporated. Season.


To cook the chicken: roast in oven at 180 degrees for 15 mins, allow to cool slightly then portion. Serve with the parsnip puree and the spiced jus.


N.b. in my kitchen we sous vide the chicken at 67 degrees for 1 ¼ hours, and serve with a little pithiver (delicate pie!) filled with a porcini mushroom cream and roasted baby vegetables.


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