Joan’s Yorkies

The Arty Tart Yorkies

My stepmother was the most fabulous cook and shared many tips and recipes with me over the years, she had a real a commitment to getting things right and a thorough knowledge of British culinary tradition. This is her fool proof recipe for Yorkshire Pudding. Always make the batter at least one day in advance. […]

Whisky & Raspberry Choux Buns

The Arty Tart Cranachan Choux

This is a version of the Cranachan dessert I made in the restaurant for many years, it’s the same flavours just different textures. Cranachan is a dessert that is traditionally served at Scottish weddings but who needs a special occasion to enjoy whisky and raspberries!

Prawn Boudin

The Arty Tart Prawn Bouillabaisse

This is a delightfully light seafood sausage that could be wrapped in pastry, chopped up to go into a seafood soup or into my favourite fish stew Bouillabaisse.

Roasted Vegetable Bake

The Arty Tart Roasted Vegetable Bake After

This is a visually appealing dish that will brighten up your dinner table. It can be made in advance and reheated or even eaten cold. Trick is to select vegetables of a similar size and cut them all on a mandolin or vegetable slicer.